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  •  KANSAS STATE FAIRGROUNDS  2000 North Poplar Street, Hutchinson, Kansas 67502
  •  The Kansas State Fairgrounds property is open to the public 24hrs/day.
  •  The building will be open to the dealers at approx. 6:00 am the morning of the show for set-up.
  •  all areas in front of overhead and pedestrian doors are loading zones only. no parking is permitted in front of overhead doors or pedestrian doors.
  •  All Reserved space dealers must occupy their space no later than 8:00 a.m. any space not occupied at 8:00 a.m. will be available for rent by any person waiting on availability. NO REFUNDS will be issued.
  •  No vehicles will be allowed in the building during the hours of 6:00am. - 4:00pm.
  •  All dealers must be open for business during show hours (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). THERE SHALL BE NO PACKING PRIOR TO 3:45 P.M.
  •  To reserve a space and to avoid losing your reservation, you must pay in advance. Dealers may renew their space for the future month(s) prior to 4:00 p.m. in the Flea Market Show Office. If unable to renew the day of the show, payments must be received no later than 7-calander days following the previous show.
  •  All reservations will be held for 7-calander days. If payment has not been received within 7-calander days of placing reservation, the reservation will be canceled and made available to anyone requesting space.
  • Any reservation made during the week prior to the show will have the option of mailing payment or paying the morning of the show rental rate. Reminder: payment must be received prior to the show to receive the discount price. Payments, postmarked in Kansas by the Wednesday prior to the show, are typically received by the Saturday. Do not mail payments later than the Wednesday expecting that they will be received prior to the show.
  •  If show is sold-out, a request can be made to be placed on a Cancellation List. Individuals on this list will be contacted in the order in which they were added. If contact is not successful, we will contact next individual on list until space is filled. Individuals will not be removed or loose place on list unless requested and/or individual has accepted space. Cancellation List will not carry over to the next show. Individuals must make contact again for the next show.
  • Absolutely no GAMBLING, LEWD/OFFENSIVE MATERIAL OR INDIVIDUAL SIZE FOOD PRODUCTS of any type can be sold. (See Below) The management reserves the right to make all final decisions in this regard.
  • ACCEPTABLE FOOD PRODUCTS: must be labeled with common name of product, name and address of manufacture, ingredients and net weight in accordance with the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Approved items by the KDA can be found at http://www.ksda.gov/food_safety/content/334 The management reserves the right to make all final decisions in this regard. Prohibited items include; products containing cream cheese, custard, cream, meringue and/or containing meat, Hot food of any kind or items provided by the concessionaire (i.e. pop, candy bars, chips, etc.).
  • Kansas State Statute prohibits the offering and/or sale of livestock or domestic animal on Kansas State property. For additional information, please contact the State of Kansas Animal Health Department at (785) 296-2326.
  • All dealers are responsible for the safety and well being of their merchandise before, during and after the show. If you witness a criminal act. Please contact the dealer and/or the proper authorities.
  • If you bring children and/or pets to the Flea Market, you are fully responsible for them and their actions. For safety reasons, we ask that they be kept within your rented space.
  • The Management will be most happy to assist the dealers in any way possible. Please feel free to make your suggestions or comments known to us, we will do our best to address them in the best interest of all concerned. 

             RENTAL RATES: 

INDOOR/PORCH SPACES:  12’w X 10’d (some exceptions)                

$30.00 ea + $25.00 ea additional space (reservation & payment received within 7-calendar days)                                             $35.00 ea + $30.00 ea additional space (payment made morning of show)     

OUTDOOR LOT SPACES:  20’w X 20’d (March through October)              

$30.00 ea + $30.00 ea additional space (payment received prior to show date

$40.00 ea + $40.00 ea additional space (payment made morning of show)                     


           30” x 96” TABLES: $4.00 ea. (tables paid upon delivery at show only)                CHAIRS:  (not available) 

     No electronic payments accepted at the show or over the phone. Mail reservation payments to the address below.

Payment Address & Contact Information:
P.O. Box 1585
Hutchinson, Kansas 67504-1585
Phone: 620-663-5626
E-mail: admin@midamericamarkets.com

 20’ x 20’ Outdoor Vendor Lot Spaces

  • Several spaces have direct access to electrical connections at no additional cost.
  • Few spaces are located on asphalt paving, most located on Bermuda grass.
  • 1 space will accommodate a 16-18’ trailer. >18’ trailers will require multiple spaces due to trailer tongue.
  • Spaces can be used to sell anything allowable by law in the State of Kansas including vehicles. State, Fairground and Show Management restrictions include, but not limited to; pets/livestock, used clothing, some food products, concession products, hand billing, lewd and/or offensive items. If you question weather an item is permissible please ask.
  • Sales can occur directly off of trailers and/or from vehicles as long as all items are contained within designated rental space(s). Sales are prohibited on any other location of the Fairgrounds.
  • Outdoor Vendor Lot setup will begin at 7:00am under the direction of Show Management. Vehicle staging for Outdoor Vendor Lot access will start at the Arena Building and stage toward the East then South toward the 20th & Poplar Entrance.
  • Unloading must occur within your rented space or from within the designated isles. DO NOT block or occupy adjacent spaces others have or may rent. Unload and pull any vehicle or trailer that will not remain in your space to the public parking areas ASAP. If you do not exhibit a good faith effort to unload and get pulled out in a timely fashion, you may be required to rent additional space to accommodate you unloading process.
  • Paved lanes must remain passable at all times (pull off to side for others to pass).
  • Management, at time of controlled entry into lot, will assign space locations. Location will be determined based upon number of spaces, type of vehicle/trailer, flow of set-up traffic and electrical requests.
  • Paid receipt must be presented to Management upon space assignment/entry to lot. If payment has not been made, outdoor space rent will be collected at that time.
  • No vehicles or trailers will be allowed to be moved from Outdoor Vendor Lot until 4:00pm (end of show hours) Any attempt to do so is a violation of our use agreement and said individual shall be ban from future events.
General Information
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